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April 2016: Pennwood will not be offering CIPS courses for the forseable future.

Pennwood has been successfully providing CIPS courses since 2006 and was recognised as a CIPS Centre of Excellence while also providing Self-Certification with Edexel for NVQ4 in Supply Chain Management. During the past 10 years Pennwood has helped over 600 delegates to achieve success with CIPS, including a number of delegates achieving National awards.

Pennwood is proud of all that has been achieved over these ten years, specifically;
- Working closely with CIPS in developing assessment through Work Based Assignments, allowing delegates to link theory with practise, receive quick feedback and the transparent, auditable assessment process which enabled delegates to understand where they did well and where improvement was required.
- Developing the NVQ4scm route to MCIPS for experienced Purchasing Professionals.
- Providing succesful Public Sector modules to teach the unique techniques of the Public Sector.
- Offering a high level of experienced professional tutors who have not only taught and supported delegates, but also have written the Public Sector CIPS study guide.
- Establishing two CIPS exam centres open to all CIPS members, earning a reputation as the exam centre students would ask for if they required additional support.

Sadly CIPS now no longer offer assessment by Work Based Assignments, a route to MCIPS by NVQ4scm or Public Sector modules and have in the past year set up their own exam centres locally.

Pennwood has therefore taken the difficult decision for the forseabe future to not be offering CIPS courses.

Pennwood wishes to thank all the delegates who have studied with us and helped to make learning fun, the various auditors who kept pushing and stretching Pennwood to achieve the high standards that were established, the many and varied companies for their support and belief in us ...... and the team that made it all happen - Alex, Carol, Deborah, Derek, John, Jonathon, Malcolm, Paul, Sandra and Steve.